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Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh my!

Well, maybe not the tigers, but we do have lions here in Colorado….mountain lions that is. And of course bears. These powerful animals do not like to be seen just as much as we do not like to have encounters with them. They prefer not to be in the spotlight which I think is a mutual feeling with humans. :) The bears are most likely beginning to (if not already have) left hibernation and will begin looking for food to satisfy their empty bellies. Attached is a picture from a bear we had visit the Homestead Cabin last spring (please also see the blog post from May 15, 2010). Also, here are some neat mountain lion tracks recently seen in the mud. The picture isn’t great as it was taken with a cell phone and the print looks small but trust me, it’s big enough to make you nervous!! :) The print is a little smaller than a woman’s hand. Not a big lion, but not a small one either. :) Sorry about the quality of the photos.


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