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The Three Amigo’s!!

These three horses are some of the most loved & well known horses on the ranch. They are also some of the hardest working and have been for a long time. They are slowing down in their old age, but still love to come to the ranch and take our younger guests out on the trail. They each have their own special personalities but are as gentle as can be. They love to greet us every morning at the gate down at long meadow in the winter time and are excited to escort us down in the truck to their grain bins. It’s brings a smile to your face every morning to see the three of them greeting us. :)
Bailey. This cute girl has been working hard at the ranch for many, many years. She loves her treats and loves to get personal affection from her riders. The cutest thing about Bailey….is her ears. Instead of holding her ears up and perky like most horses, she always has them out to the side. Does it get any cuter?
Idaho. This handsome man is an Appaloosa and has wonderful coloring. He is extremely sweet and loves to take care of our younger riders every summer. Idaho is “the man in charge” in winter pasture and the other two horses he lives with highly respect him. :) He has a very soft winter coat right now and loves to get a nice pat on the back for a job well done.
Jake may be one of our smaller horses, but has the biggest heart. This furry guy is very sweet and gentle and loves to work hard. He is very patient and always takes extra special care of his riders. He might be hard to recognize in the winter time because he gets quite a shaggy, furry coat, but we think he’s cuter than ever! :)
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