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Horseback Riding, Colorado Fly Fishing, Whitewater Rafting and More!

So Many Fun Activities – What will you Choose?

North Fork Ranch is where you can have as much excitement or as much relaxation as you want. Along with the gorgeous scenery and the family atmosphere, the gracious staff will make your stay the most relaxing, fun and enjoyable time you’ve ever had!

Your visit can be action-packed with Colorado fly fishing, horseback riding, hiking, whitewater rafting, shooting and swimming -OR- you can savor peaceful, wooded walks, reading on the porch, relaxing and meeting new friends. Our guests return year after year for a secluded getaway in the mountains of Colorado where there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


Experience the serene Colorado backcountry up close and personal! Rising up to 13,000′ and 14,000′, the peaks are truly awe inspiring. Our guided hikes into this amazing country are intended for all levels of hikers. You’ll hike Square Top Mountain at 13,800′. At the midway point, the perfect spot to pull out your book or fishing rod and enjoy the pristine mountain lakes. This moderately easy two mile hike through the open tundra brings you to it’s base.

For the more adventurous hiker, the peak of Square Top Mountain is achievable with a little extra huffing and puffing. To step foot on top of a mountain is an emotion that is indescribable. To understand the Colorado phrase “This is Gods country,” all you have to do is take our guided hikes into the Colorado backcountry.
North Fork Ranch Alpine Hikes


Enjoy your horseback riding vacation with our experienced ranch wranglers winding through the mountain valleys surrounding North Fork. A fine string of horses ensures that there will be a horse suitable to your riding skills. We begin with orientation and instruction for all abilities. Two or Four hour rides will take you into the breathtaking mountain scenery of our own 520 acres and the adjoining Pike National Forest and wilderness areas. Ranch wranglers will tend to your every need and provide personalized instruction.

Our experience is our guarantee that whether you are a first time rider or a seasoned horseman, we can offer you the right horse for your level. Ride for a day or just a few hours, our flexible program insures you’ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind opportunity to reconnect with your western spirit.

*Min age: 8; the ranch does enforce a weight limit and pregnancy restriction in our riding program.

2 hour rides: $125/person  Offered daily in the morning or afternoons
Lunch on the trail: $185/person Offered daily; while your taking a break from the trail, enjoy a scrumptious lunch; hot chicken and biscuits or sandwiches, homemade cookies and brownies along with a refreshing raspberry lemonade!
Our family program allows children age 8 and above to join their family in a riding adventure.
Daily pony rides available for the little ones

Where the mountains reach the sky is just one way to describe the stunning country you’ll experience on your horseback riding vacation at our Colorado Ranch. From the unmatched beauty of the Colorado Aspens, to the spectacular view of the Continental Divide, this is a high country horseman’s paradise.
North Fork Ranch Horseback Riding


After a hearty breakfast we’ll travel across South Park, to the Arkansas River. Boats are organized so that family members raft together to experience the whitewater ride of a lifetime.

Children ages 8 and older are welcome. Depending on water levels, rafting may not be available in the fall.
  • Raft a stretch of the Arkansas River called Browns Canyon
  • 15 miles of exciting whitewater
  • Professional guides assure your safety
North Fork Ranch Rafting


You can at 8,000 ft. on a 6-zipline adventure, one of Colorado’s longest & fastest lines! Zip lines range from 850 ft to 1,900 ft!  Ride 6 lines soaring over treetops, gorgeous valleys & mountain meadows! Enjoy the fresh mountain air and magnificent views while “flying”!
North Fork Ranch Zip Line Tours


Not to worry.  Our certified instructors will assist you in learning all you need to know to be successful on the water.  From casting in the lawn, learning knots and what fish eat, to trying your luck on the pond, you will feel confident to enjoy your future trips on the river.
North Fork Ranch Fly Fishing Clinic


A great activity for avid enthusiasts, families, and corporate groups, our trap-shooting site is designed for beginners to more advanced shooters.  Our trained instructors will teach not only gun safety and the techniques of trap shooting, they will be help you improve your shot for more accuracy and precision.
North Fork Ranch Trap Shooting


A wonderful activity for all ages to enjoy.  Our instructors will teach and help perfect your skills with .22 target shooting and bow and arrow.  From popping balloons to acing the targets, everyone can enjoy friendly competition with this popular activity.
North Fork Ranch Target Shooting


My name is Sophia S Paul. I am a certified Yoga Teacher and have practiced and taught yoga and holistic health classes for 40 years. I have been teaching (yoga/Holistic Health classes) at Red Rocks Community College since 2006 and I own a yoga studio here in Bailey. I also hold degrees as an ND and Reiki Master Teacher.

I am excited to have the opportunity to share the art of yoga with you during your stay at beautiful North Fork Ranch; assisting you on your individual path to happiness and health.

Studies have shown yoga can be an effective way to help reduce stress, improve concentration, and manage emotions; it empowers the yogi, improves physical and emotional health, heightened self-awareness, increased mindfulness, and has an abundance of other health benefits. My classes are based on gentle flow yoga (I was trained in the Iyengar tradition), experimenting and being open to new possibilities of movement and grace through various yoga flows.

Yoga helps to instill confidence, teaches to persevere, be patient, and work toward one’s goals. As an experienced yoga teacher, I offer guidance in a playful and relaxed way. Yoga provides tools for practicing compassion, mindfulness, generosity, focus, strength, and flexibility. In addition, we will learn how to breathe correctly and use the breath to control and initiate movement and therefore creating balance on all levels – the most important aspect in the practice of yoga.

Ever experience lower back pain during or after fishing? Practicing just a couple of specific poses can help to stretch out the lower back before going back to the river. Another benefit from yoga is the increased sense of balance. Which, as you know is of utmost importance for a fisher(wo)man. The attention to breath is certainly a plus to doing yoga - particularly when you get that strike and see the fish rise out of the water. Being able to keep focused and calm when the fight is on is a nice benefit, too. 

It is my goal to bring all these benefits in a fun, loving and playful way to you to help YOU experience a high level of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.

Namaste (The Divine in me Honors the Divine in you)
North Fork Ranch Horseback Riding
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